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The kid.

He has a tit on his shirt.

Anyways, nothing to criticize; Nicely done, as always.


Nice username :P Anyways, on to the review.

I have to say, this is fantastic for a first frame by frame animation. It's better than my first, that's for sure. You could improve on this by using more realistic details in movement, textures, and colors. For example, instead of flipping the stick figure around using the re-size tool, you could make 8 consecutive angles of view and instead of just solid colors, you could add scratches and scuff marks to the ramp and patches of dark grass in the ground. Also, a more realistic color for the sky. I doubt there's ever been a light teal skyline.

Over all

The animation was extremely choppy so I suggest you try to make movement between each frame shorter. I also found it annoying that there was no movement to denote who was speaking or if it was a narrator who was speaking, and not to mention the volume at which you were speaking. Like you were trying to be quiet. Well, that failed because I found myself turning the volume up and down between words, as each was at a different volume.

I suggest you try to fiddle around with your audio files in audacity or another audio editing program to raise the volume and lower it where you see fit.

I hope you take these suggestions into consideration and improve your flashes.

On another note, I'm seeing a pattern where you're dismissing people's reviews because they don't have any animations to of their own. I find this irritating.

Take The Dark Knight for example. The people asked to critic that movie did not have their reviews dismissed because they did not have any acting or directing talent of their own, but instead they were listened to because those people had valid opinions about the movie. I suggest you take a hint from the pros, and shut your mouth.

Wriggle responds:

Nice review.


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-You need..

to increase the frame rate to 30 frames per second so the movement looks much more smooth.

-Fiddle around with the actionscript to better the chance of not jumping out of the screen.

-I found that I could jump while in the air, wtf?

-And finally you need better buttons because I had a hard time clicking the first "play" button, and chances are, the rest of your audience will too.

Please revise your flash so that it doesn't suck so much hairy cock when you submit the full version.

P.S- Don't reply with anything saying it was only a demo, that's no excuse for laziness and over ambition.


You have a great style and good graphics to go along with your idea but you need to make it a little faster for it to work out if it makes it past testing. Some parts just didn't load at all... but maybe I'm too impatient. Anyways great job, and keep it up.

This was very appealing to the eye and it has great potential.


As with many...

...of your games, you need to disable the forward button when you right click. Although these graphics aren't much better, they're still easy to the eye.

Great job on this one but please watch this for better better buttons and stuff.

Better buttons- http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view /403236
Better menu's and borders- http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view /403238

I hope this helps, 5/5

Phil responds:

I have now disabled the forward button

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You have a sexy voice :o

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InsertFunnyUserName responds:

Thanks :D

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Reminds me...

...Of Brent Spiner.

Good work.

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