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The kid.

He has a tit on his shirt.

Anyways, nothing to criticize; Nicely done, as always.


Nice username :P Anyways, on to the review.

I have to say, this is fantastic for a first frame by frame animation. It's better than my first, that's for sure. You could improve on this by using more realistic details in movement, textures, and colors. For example, instead of flipping the stick figure around using the re-size tool, you could make 8 consecutive angles of view and instead of just solid colors, you could add scratches and scuff marks to the ramp and patches of dark grass in the ground. Also, a more realistic color for the sky. I doubt there's ever been a light teal skyline.

Over all

The animation was extremely choppy so I suggest you try to make movement between each frame shorter. I also found it annoying that there was no movement to denote who was speaking or if it was a narrator who was speaking, and not to mention the volume at which you were speaking. Like you were trying to be quiet. Well, that failed because I found myself turning the volume up and down between words, as each was at a different volume.

I suggest you try to fiddle around with your audio files in audacity or another audio editing program to raise the volume and lower it where you see fit.

I hope you take these suggestions into consideration and improve your flashes.

On another note, I'm seeing a pattern where you're dismissing people's reviews because they don't have any animations to of their own. I find this irritating.

Take The Dark Knight for example. The people asked to critic that movie did not have their reviews dismissed because they did not have any acting or directing talent of their own, but instead they were listened to because those people had valid opinions about the movie. I suggest you take a hint from the pros, and shut your mouth.

Wriggle responds:

Nice review.


A wacom bamboo

...and a stead hand would do you great if you ever decide do frame by frame in flash.

Your animation was indeed very smooth but I was a little disoriented by the choppiness of the camera movement. Quick music could also be added and with a little action script, you could easily make a music jukebox if you ever decide to make your animations longer. For that, I recommend this easy tutorial:

http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view /399780

Great job overall, you should be proud of yourself :)


fishhook responds:


yeah i could find any better music! if anyone has any or knows any gimme a link!

and thanks for the tutorial!


Hilarious. To me this was just going to be another boring point, click, and hover information board with a bland design when I seen this in the portal but I was sadly, sadly mistaken. Your narration mixed in with your sense of humor made this the one of the greats.

I could see this with an underdog award in a few days. 5/5

/cock sucking

Elios responds:

Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed my movie. Though i'm not expecting any kind of reward for this, it would be awesome to get some recognition.

Reply to your reply

"Not hated. Just disputed.

You wouldn't believe how many crazy fans I have. Try reading the 80 plus pages of reviews here.

I have enough praise to know that a sequal is necessary."

Click on the reviews button, set the view to "rating" and go to page 45.

As for your, for lack of a better word, "flash":

- I didn't really see any effort put into it except for the small bit of frame by frame blob to cover the logo on your sweatshirt. Nice try though.

-The lack of a screen with the words"over" or "replay" pissed me off a little as I had to watch your "flash" for a second time without realizing it.

- And there are many tutorials to put in a pre-loader with the video footage you have. But I'll keep it it simple, right here.

---First, open Adobe Flash.
---Open a the file with the NG pre-loader and copy the frames in the timeline like the instructions say.
---Paste them into the timeline of your other "new" window.
---Import the video footage
---Go to the settings for your flash on newgrounds and upload the new version.

This looks

so fucking sweet! Finish it nao so I can 5 it!

Good use with blur and the screen shaking with the explosions.

But yet it's unfinished so in gets a 6/10, 4/5

Xiaolee92 responds:

Thx for the comments!!
I hope u enjoy urself!!The full version is comming soon!!

lol sweet

Add a tiny loop of music to go in sync with it.

Good work


HA good work

That was a cool and funny short, I like you style of animating.

Good work


Vincenator responds:

Really? Hooray! Good reviews make me type happy emoticons! :D ^_^ :)


SWALLOW! Ha that was so funny, your sense of humor is great too ;D

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